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Become the woman
you want to be.

When you're ready for the loving push to step into your full potential.

Become Unstoppable!

Something has to change.

If you have a lot to be grateful for,

But you're not happy with your reflection,

My job is to show you how to create personal lasting change.

Once and for all.

Inspire By Example

Meet   Liisa


As a certified life coach, I use my 25+ years of experience in life, education, and career to empower women to challenge their physical, mental, creative, and mindset limits. 

To go beyond your expectations and become unstoppable! 

Meet Liisa, life coach for moms

"I promise you the change you are looking for. To go beyond barriers, unleash courage, and move forward with resilient confidence."

"You have to be ready to do the work,

but together, we will get you there!

I've got you girlfriend"

When You Decide To Start

Options to choose:


Your way; your time.

3 Month Focus, or

6 Month Full-Spectrum

"We say good-bye to what's holding you back and fit change into the framework of your life." --- Liisa

  • You decide the start date and choose a regular day & time

  • Once every other week

  • 1:1 private & confidential 

  • 100% virtual


Bootcamp Intensives

8 Weeks alternating group support with private direction.

"This group of women become a built-in support system, cheering you on to get there. " --- Liisa

  • Set start dates beginning in Jan, Apr, Sept 

  • Alternating btw private/group once a week over 8 weeks

  • Private and group sessions are 100% confidential and virtual

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What are you going to decide today?

"Unleashing the true expression of the woman within us unlocks a passion that truly inspires others, and ourselves, by its example." --- Liisa

Let's meet and get to know each other first...

What clients are saying...

"There were immediate results after our first session. Her methods are effective and powerful."


​Liisa's gift to help see what’s possible and make it possible is something that is invaluable."


"I now feel empowered and confident that I have a plan to get there! So much positive change." 


"I loved working with Liisa, she was calm, thorough, insightful and non-judgmental. We had lots of laughs too!!" 


"I appreciated Liisa’s positivity and her ready laugh! I finished the session feeling invigorated."


"Liisa’s guiding me towards determining my own initial steps forward was supportive and easy to understand."


"I love how I can open up…It helps me improve myself and my life habits. I have grown a lot in the past couple months."


"Liisa helped me realize that I can find ways to work towards goals, even when I feel they are not currently possible."


Industry Recognition for Liisa


Beyond limits.

Beyond barriers. 

Beyond narratives.

Beyond labels.

Be curious.

Find the courage.

Accept the challenge.

Do the work.

Decide to believe.

Launch change.

Inspire by example.

headshot Liisa, life coach for moms

Pillars to going beyond — how to inspire by example.


Say good-bye to these
3 obstacles

"The Loving Support"

  • The guilt that tries to stop us.

  • The negative self-talk based on perceived past failures.

  • The lack of belief it's possible for you.


Tough love hugs

"The Loving Embrace"

  • Weekly challenges within the framework of your life.

  • Weekly accountability checkpoints.

  • Build your confidence muscle.


Dare to believe

"The Loving Push"

  • Decide to launch into your new chapter.

  • New habits and routines are resilient to obstacles.

  • Rock-solid belief in the newly defined YOU!

If you're ready to create lasting change, you'll want to meet me first!

Coaching requires trust, so let's get to know each other first.

Send me a message and ask me all sorts of questions!


From there, we will schedule a complimentary virtual call to discuss how coaching will help you create the change you are looking for!

I am looking forward to meeting you.


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