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Hi There!


So who is Liisa, and why are there 2 ii's in her name?

My awesome mama loved the name and thought spelling it the Finnish way, meaning a whole lot of double ii's, would pay homage to my ancestry.

Now, for some reason, I always seem to do things with a liittle twiist ;-)

Like many women,

I've been through the gamut of trials and tribulations. I've had to dig pretty deep to overcome because I had a family to raise --- and they were watching! 

We all just want to inspire by our example. As a life coach, it is my role to help you do this by:

1. Tapping into curiosity about yourself,
2. Deciding to believe you can, and
3. Finding the courage to take the leap.

I give women the loving push they need to live their unstoppable life.


My "WHY"

It takes a village.

More and more, women are choosing to break through
their own mindset barriers rather than glass ceilings. 
To self-direct their lives, molded by their own choices.

Consider me the girlfriend in your corner
who is going to be your catalyst of change
and your biggest cheerleader!

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We live West Vancouver, Canada.

All photos are the real ME, in my real mommy life,

with my real wrinkles and freckles!

My reason to fight for my 'why'...

Much to their embarrassment, I am forever grateful for these 3 men for gracing my life with their presence.

My hubby, honestly, what did I ever do to deserve him? He is the absolute best partner, dad, and friend. He is my rock.

And my boys... they continue to melt my heart everyday. I am forever amazed by them. Even though they are now spreading their wings on their own journey of life, they are still ready to give their mom one of their giant hugs.

Look How Far I've Come!!!

This is the 'last' time I recall trying to be somebody else!!

And now I've put it out there for the world to see! 

I can tell you for sure, if you're looking for answers, solutions, or direction, I've probably been there.

My official title:

Liisa Wagner, 


Women's Self-Growth Expert,

Owner of Mindful Boom Coaching

  • MOM - My real day/night job. Experienced and weathered!

  • BBA - I graduated from York University with a Bachelor of Business Administration.

  • FCC - I'm a Certified Life Coach through the Flow Coaching Institute, an ICF accredited program.

  • Self-Growth Expert - I am passionate about empowering women around the world to realize their full potential.

  • Mindful Boom - The "a-ha" moments that will change your life!

I'd love to meet you first!


If you're ready to create lasting change, let's start with a conversation.

I'm looking forward to discussing how I can help you unleash the change you are looking for.


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