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My clients... 
are all strong capable women.

They come to me with life, career, and relationship success. 

But there's one thing holding them back from reaching

their full potential.

It has been my privilege to guide them to decide and believe that they are unstoppable to reach a deeper level of fulfillment in their lives.  

Here are their experiences...

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Susan, British Columbia, Canada

"Liisa helped me overcome personal roadblocks that I’d been building up over time without realizing they were even there. There were immediate results after our first session. Her methods are effective and powerful. She actively listens to every word you say, and the unsaid words in between. She pulled me back from the wall I was standing up against and couldn’t see around. She combines honesty and compassion with a truthfulness and directness that engage you and makes you accountable. She worked with me to identify positive ways to make actionable change to overcome my challenges and reach my goals.

The result was an empowered, happier me. Thank you Liisa!"

Sonya, Texas, USA

“Working with Liisa was exactly what I needed to stop letting procrastination hold me back. Liisa helped me be honest with myself and dig deep to eliminate limiting beliefs and open up my mindset to possibility. She doesn’t stop at the surface solution, she helps me look at multiple options to determine the BEST path for me.


Liisa helped me construct a plan for building my business and to get unstuck, by breaking it down into manageable, actionable steps that I could achieve without feeling overwhelmed. She has helped me stay accountable to the change I desire.


Her gift to help me see what’s possible is something that is invaluable. If you’re ready to change what’s not working and go after what you do want, Liisa is the coach for you!! She helps you see what’s possible and make it possible. “

Sarah, Harrogate, England

"The biggest shift was bringing me back to a place of gratitude-I had gotten lost in the 'shoulds' and 'woulds' as opposed to thinking out of the box (something I actually do quite well!) and to pivot.


Thank you for shining the light on the alternative ways to spread my message. Your no nonsense approach and calling me out really helped me to stop finding excuses and to just get on with what gives me joy-educating and coaching women. Thank you so much, Liisa!"

Jennifer, Alabama, USA

"A positive shift for me was realizing that I was searching outside of myself for something that Liisa helped me realize I was already experiencing and living. It was certainly a MINDFUL BOOM to realize my personal power and that I am already what I have been striving to be! 

Liisa is amazing! She is so kind and warm - and she has a true calling for helping others. My favorite part of her process was the mindful meditation at the end. I felt that it really helped to soak in our session and visualize myself in my newfound personal power and confidence."

Simmi, Victoria, BC, Canada

"Had a coaching session with Liisa. She's awesome. She listens, is easy to talk to, and is insightful. We could have chatted for hours.

She gave me practical advice that got me thinking and inspired. Would highly recommend Liisa for your coaching needs."

Lisa, North Vancouver, BC, Canada

"It was so enjoyable to be coached by Liisa. She provided guidance while I did the work of clarifying my situation and what I was wanting to achieve.  Then Liisa helped me to break down goals I identified into reasonable less daunting steps.


I appreciated Liisa’s positivity and her ready laugh! I finished the session feeling invigorated and less overwhelmed."

Stephanie, Calgary, AB, Canada

"I encourage everyone to book a coaching session with Liisa!  I have to admit I was skeptical at first, however after our first session I found it really helped me to stay positive and look forward to the future – a future carved out by me! 


With different tools and techniques, Liisa helped guide me to make the best decisions for myself and formulate a step by step path towards achieving my goals.  I now feel empowered and confident that I have a plan to get there!


Liisa is a great listener and a fantastic life coach. I would not have believed so much positive change was possible before I completed my first session!"

Kiana, NV, BC, Canada

"A positive shift for me was creating realistic and approachable goals. I created a well set plan for myself and completed small steps to help me get to where I wanted to be!

I love how I can open up about some of my weaknesses and faults. It truly helps me improve myself and my life habits. I think being honest and true to yourself is very important and I found that during our sessions I’m able to do exactly that. 

I have grown a lot in the past couple of months and I’m so so grateful to have this opportunity to talk with you Liisa!"

Danielle, Calgary, AB, Canada

"I am so grateful to Liisa for our coaching sessions. I was feeling stuck on how to proceed forward with many competing priorities. She helped me to define what I wanted to accomplish and enabled me to create and take steps to make progress towards those goals. She also helped me realize, it’s ok to not do everything all at once. Liisa’s way of guiding me towards determining my own initial steps forward was supportive and easy to understand. Even when I would have trouble coming up with ideas or steps to take, she was able to circle back and offer support to assist me. I have already taken a number of steps towards my goals and no longer feel stuck. Thank you Liisa!"

Sheilah, Sudbury, ON, Canada

"I so loved working with Liisa, she was calm, thorough, insightful and non judgmental and we had lots of laughs along the way too!!" 

Morgan, Port Coquitlam, BC, Canada

"Liisa helped me overcome a challenge by enabling me to set up an action plan to accomplish things that are not getting done.  She helped me realize ways to find time to do things that were lingering.


After my coaching session with Liisa, I felt that I could plan to accomplish more than I felt was possible by being creative with how I arrange and organize my day.

loved getting to talk with Liisa in a calm and comfortable environment.  She was professional and thoughtful in her comments and guiding questions.

Liisa’s coaching style allowed me to look at many aspects of my life and narrow in on a few areas to help me feel more fulfilled and accomplished in daily life.

Liisa made me realize that I can find ways to work towards goals I have even when I feel they are not currently possible."

Sierra, Tennessee, USA

"During our session, Liisa was focused to provide a safe space. She was excellent at leading with prompting questions related to my chosen focus topic.


I am grateful for the easeful approach which allowed me to conclude the session with clarity for action steps that aligned with both joy for myself and my impact driven approach for my business.


She does an excellent job holding space and guiding with thought provoking dialogue."

Jenna, Georgia, Alabama, USA

"Liisa was so fun to work with and a natural encourager. She gave me some insight and new ideas of ways to improve my business and mindset and I can’t wait to apply what I learned from her." 

Sondra Ray, Michigan, USA

"During my session with Liisa, we dug into why I was struggling with the issue and I loved how she did it in a gentle, supportive way. Thanks, Liisa."

Aara, Vancouver, Canada

"Liisa is a gentle soul that really sees and hears you. She's passionate about recognizing the strengths within and guiding you to see them as well. After working with her I felt lighter and more clear about my next steps and look forward to what's to come."

Meghan, Pennsylvania, USA

"You helped me realize that knowing I have the information to guide my clients through their life is my gift. And not sharing my gift with them, would be restricting them from their possibility.

I wrote it down and plan to put it on my desk so I don't forget what I learned from you. Hopefully, it will be the reminder/motivator I need on the days when I'm talking myself out of working on my program. 


I told you I'm very good with a to-do list and you gave me the 3-month goal of getting my program done, and the 6 months to launch so I can check the analytics of how it was received. Thank you." 


Reem K., Asia

"Liisa helped with several issues during the 3 sessions, she helped me with my time management, health, and sleep issues. She helped me to see things from a different perspective. She coaches from the heart, her sessions were very comforting and helpful. I recommend working with her."

Michelle P., Philippines

"Thank you Liisa! I was gobsmacked with how Liisa made me realize what I’m struggling with as a new mom. And how to manage my time for my business and being a mom. I now realize how to do this. She gave me information about what I’m struggling with and solutions to being productive.


Thank you to Liisa for the opportunity. It has been a really huge help for me to get clarity and prioritize my business so I can be an inspiring mom to my toddler."

If you're ready to create lasting change, you'll want to meet me first!

Coaching requires trust, so let's get to know each other first.

Send me a message and ask me all sorts of questions!


From there, we will schedule a complimentary virtual call to discuss how coaching will help you create the change you are looking for!

I am looking forward to meeting you.


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